iMedia Careers FAQ’s

A common tool career counselors use to promote client self reflection and awareness is the open-ended question. How did that make you feel? What did you mean by that statement? What do you think would be some good first steps toward reaching your goal?

Lately, as I discuss Elon University’s new MA in Interactive Media (iMedia) program with potential students, the open-ended questions have been directed at me. The same three questions always come up: What is interactive media? Where is interactive media utilized? What are some interactive media jobs?
“In an attempt to answer these questions, and further explore all the opportunities within this emerging field, I, along with Dean Parsons and iMedia faculty and staff, have decided to create the “Eye on iMedia” blog.
So here we go…blog entry number one.

The topic?

Answers to the big three open-ended questions I have been receiving over the past few months…

Q: What is interactive media?
A: Interactive media is the combining of text, audio, graphics and film/video with interactivity to persuade, inform, educate, or entertain a user/viewer…media that allows for active participation by the recipient.

Q: Where is interactive media utilized?

A: Interactive media is used in virtually all fields and environments: museums, corporations, studios, newspapers, production houses, non-profits, colleges and universities, marketing firms, etc.

Q: What are some interactive media jobs?

A: There are many interactive media jobs. Practically every industry needs skilled and experienced talent to create new media, write for interactive media, manage events utilizing interactive media, create marketing strategies utilizing interactive media, etc.

Skillset has created a wonderful page of interactive job profiles:

Platt College in San Diego also has a great resource (“Explore Careers” upper right hand menu):

So there you have it. Blog entry number one completed. More to come.


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