iMedia Job Outline

I thought I’d use this post to do two things:
1. Give you some history about me
2. Give you examples of iMedia “careers in the real world”

As an undergrad I was never a leader or go-getter. I majored in Communications because there was no foreign language requirement and because there was no internship requirement. Slacker…I know (do NOT follow my example…I had to make up for it later).I learned the “career ropes” myself post college. I interned at the age of 24 with a documentary filmmaker in New York City. This internship led to a job. Later I did another internship with the PBS affiliate in New York City. This internship led to a job offer. After 9/11, and a horrible stint as a waiter at the World Wrestling Federation Restaurant in Times Square (really), I landed a job as a production assistant at a multimedia production company in downtown Raleigh, NC. This multimedia production company does it all: animations, multimedia CDs, film and video production, live event production (e.g. road shows, launches), print ads, etc.
Below is my progression of jobs and tasks…all of these are considered “interactive media/multimedia roles”:
1. Production Assistant – Assist producers as they oversee a diverse group of projects from concept to completion. Tasks included getting lunch for the office, assisting on shoots, selecting music samples for videos and animations, assisting with the facilitation of live events, maintaining various lists and databases, and more.

2. Assistant Producer – Similar to PA, but I started to gain ownership over my own projects and events (normally small shoots or events…see below “Producer” description).

3. Producer – Work with in-house graphic designers, programmers, writers, and directors in fulfilling the operational and aesthetic goals of client interactive media projects and marketing campaigns; creating budgets and timelines and making sure both are maintained; manage film/video, live event, print, road show, and multimedia projects for large corporate clients and educational/non-profit clients.

Here are some of the other positions and roles at the multimedia production company:

1. Editor

2. Writer

3. Creative Director

4. Art Director

5. Business Manager

6. Developer

7. Animator

As you can see, careers in interactive media can a lot of times be grouped into two categories: producing/project management and production.

So how did I get into career counseling? After lots of self reflection and research I felt it was the right choice for me. I LOVE it! My past “media life” is now combined with my new “career counseling life.” And guess what, I’m still using media, especially Web 2.0 tools: blogs, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Like I said, interactive media is EVERYWHERE.


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