iMedia Resources

I present to you an initial (and brief) list of interactive media career resources:

Creative Hotlist – Search jobs, research companies, and view examples of reels and portfolios of media professionals

Electronic Arts – Gaming information and news

Favorite Website Awards – View the works of media designers and agencies, research agencies, read interviews and articles of media big sticks, and search jobs

Media Job Market – Jobs, news and other information

Multimedia Employment (by state) – Jobs – Jobs

Tech Jobs – Jobs

Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences

International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC)

iMedia Connection – Media, culture, and news

iMedia Connections – List of interactive media companies and more

Media Job Pod – Advice from professionals regarding job search

MediaPost (must get free account) – Media news and job search

Multimediator (Canada) – Professional orgs and media culture

NewMediaAge (UK) – News and job search

ReadWriteWeb JobWire – Multimedia happening and hiring updates

10,000 Words – Gives journalists and web aficionados practical tips on how to best incorporate multimedia into their work.

Here are a few companies (a teeny tiny taste) that hire interactive media professionals…

Hearst Corporation

Hydra (online advertising)

IAC Advertising Solutions

Jack Morton (experiential advertising)

Interactive Media – Career site of Interactive Media, an interactive consulting firm in NJ

Landor Branding

SecondLife (Linden Lab)


Centerline Productions

Disney Interactive Studios


The more you research companies that are utilizing interactive media, the more you will begin to understand where you fit in (professionally)…where your skills and interests mesh with existing positions, companies, and industries.


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