New York Times (Interactive Media & Journalism)

The New York Times has a great article chronicling the initiation and utilization of multimedia and interactive media on their website. The article discusses how video, audio, graphics, blogs, interactive maps, etc. are revolutionizing how news and information is presented to the paper’s audience – “new features tug the readers closer through comments and interactivity, rendering the relationship between reporter and audience more intimate, immediate, exposed.” New roles are being created at the Times such as multimedia producer, graphic designer, and coder, and new offices such as “research and development” (designing “technologies that will become commonplace in the next “24/48 months”) are being developed.

Check out the article:

“The New Journalism: Goosing the Gray Lady.

What are these renegade cybergeeks doing at the New York Times? Maybe saving it.”

Below are examples of interactive media resources on the New York Times webpage: readers sent in their photographs from Washington and around the world. Images are organized in the order they were received. (Politics)

“I Hope So Too” (Politics)

“Calculate Your Financial Comeback” (Business)

“You are Who You Chose to be” (Sports)

“UrbanEye: Theatre Over the Phone” (Arts)

The world of journalism is changing, and interactivity is becoming a huge part of the new landscape.

To quote the Times article: “Print is just a device. The New York Times is not just a newspaper, it’s a news organization.”


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