Interactive Media and Life Sciences

Have a passion for life sciences AND media – PERFECT!

The job ad below was forwarded to me by a colleague (thanks Teresa!). It is a good representation of two passions combined. A wonderful candidate for this job would be someone with an undergrad degree in science and experience or grad degree in interactive media.

Here is the ad…

Seeking Web Content Producer – Raleigh, NC

Launched in 2008, Beaker is a fast growing on-line community for life sciences industry. Much of our content is multimedia, as you can see from our home page.

We are looking for a candidate to serve as the face and driving energy behind our flagship content, BeakerBeat. BeakerBeat is a weekly 4-6 minute video webcast serving as a synopsis for the professionals who manage a career in the life sciences industry (pharma, biotech, diagnostics, medical services, etc.).

Position responsibilities center on the production of a weekly video webcast, serving as a synopsis of the newsworthy events within the life sciences industry. Specific responsibilities include pre-production (story selection, scripting, etc.), video production (on camera reporting), and assistance in post-production (content gathering, final editing, etc.). The position interacts with a variety of team members at Beaker contributing to the production process, providing direct assistance and guidance.

Like I have said – interactive media is EVERYWHERE.


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