Profile: Beaker (Business & Science)

Beaker is a leading provider of online communities for professionals and executives managing a career within the life sciences industry. Beaker’s website serves as an online destination for professionals and executives seeking to enhance and better manage the advancement of their career within the life sciences industry.

Jeffrey Clark was kind enough to answer a few questions for me regarding his professional background and how Beaker uses interactive media:

What are some of your past positions and experience in this field?

Most of our team comes from a background in recruiting in the life sciences industry, specifically executive search. While we leverage a technology platform at Beaker, we are a recruiting company first.

What was your major in college/educational background?

Political Science with a focus on International Relations

How did you get your start in this industry?

Most of us began as researchers & recruiters in the executive search industry, identifying & recruiting candidates to top level positions across the life sciences industry. At some point, we decided we could serve the industry better through a  scalable technology platform that catered to the leading employers and the strongest candidates withing the life sciences industry.

What is your definition of “interactive media”?

Good question. For us, it’s about engaged users at some level beyond simple “spectators”. Whether they vote in a poll, comment on a blog, or create their own discussion topic, they are encouraged to participate with Beaker beyond simply viewing our content and media. And, as our platform evolves, we will continually seek out creative ways to spur that interaction amongst our users, not as a content media provider but as a vertically oriented community of professionals.

What technology (e.g. Flash, blogs, Final Cut) is utilized most to facilitate the interactive needs of your clients?

All of the above. We leverage Flash & Flash-type presentation technology called Flypaper to “tell our client’s story” to potential candidates. We use Final Cut Pro to piece together our weekly video webcast for the industry. We publish a multimedia, WordPress-based daily blog to keep our audience connected to what’s ongoing across the industry.

What are some of the job roles within your company (e.g. project manager, designer)?

Project Manager, Customer Support, Sales, Marketing, Web Content Developer

What types of skills and experiences do you look for in new hires?

Raw technical ability and the ability to self-manage. As a growing company, we need responsible, creative, entrepreneurial folks who can take ownership of a deliverable and bring it to reality.

Why is it important for companies/organizations to utilize interactive media?

It’s not about publishing. It’s about stirring a conversation, engaging an audience, and using compelling (and available) technologies in a more effective way than ever before.

What are some interactive media trends you see on the horizon within your industry?

An explosion of the new platforms that until now have been reserved for early adopters: Facebook, Twitter, blog platforms and online video.

What resources do you use to stay up on interactive media trends?

Not magazines! If you want to find the best thinking about online strategy, you’ll find it (surprise) online.

What advice would you give someone planning to pursue a career in interactive media?

Get involved. You need not and try to master every new communication platform. In fact, to do so would be overkill. Yet, be familiar with each, how they work, and start to dream about how they can be applied to drive a more efficient and productive outcome in everyday life or in the business world.


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