Opportunities in Interactive Media

I wanted to share two articles that were forwarded to me from Elon faculty (thanks Randy and Janna!) illustrating how interactive media is being used to educate, advocate and connect in educational and business environments.

The first is an article highlighting the winners of this year’s Digital Media & Learning Competition, “which is a part of MacArthur’s $50 million digital media and learning initiative designed to help determine how digital technologies are changing the way young people play, learn, socialize and participate in civic life”. Winners include:  Digital Ocean: Sampling the Sea, engaging 200 middle and high school classes around the world in analyzing and sharing information about the world’s declining fish population and its implications on humans; Talkers and Doers, a platform in which at-risk teens learn about entrepreneurship through games that incorporate real world learning, service, opportunities, and mentors; and Networked Newsroom,  an online participatory news platform where high school and college students can post story ideas, leads, photos, videos and other information directly from their computers or mobile phones.

The second article, Who’s getting hired in Tech? Q1 Numbers from ReadWriteWeb, reflects the leading sectors (hiring-wise) so far this year. First place goes to software/IT at 25%, followed by social media/social networking at 15%.


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