Hello from Elon iMedia!

Hi there everyone in the interactive world!

My name is Colleen Callahan, and I will be contributing to the Eye on iMedia blog this semester. I just want to introduce myself a little and let you know why I’m writing here in the first place.

I am currently enrolled in Elon University’s MA in Interactive Media program. I arrived on campus in August with 36 other students of varying backgrounds and have been delving into new technologies to prepare ourselves for new careers that are evolving daily. I am also working with Elon’s Career Services this semester and building a microsite to aid students’ career path.

If you have questions on Elon’s iMedia program, feel free to post a comment and I’ll answer to the best of my ability. I’ll also be sure to feature some of the work we’re doing here and how it relates to our future destinies (cue Buzz Lightyear music or something of the sort). Talk to you soon!


6 thoughts on “Hello from Elon iMedia!

  1. Hey Colleen-

    I was interested in learning more about your job with career services and how you are applying what you’re learning in class.

    • Hi there and thanks for your question!
      With Career Services this semester I am interviewing members of the Elon family (alumni, parents, friends, etc) for career advice. I am then placing these interviews into a microsite for students to refer to. So, lets say an education major wants to hear from a teacher and what his or her best networking advice was. The student would simply click on that particular person’s answer to that particular question (it’ll be set up like a grid). Therefore, I am taking media I have acquired through video and embedding it into Flash, and in the end students will be able to selectively choose from 20 or so interviews that they could hear. That way, I’ll be using tools I’ve been using in the iMedia program as well as theory when I consider my web design and what may be most useful. Thanks!

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