Students have the chance for cash and a job? Sign me up!

Last spring I found a new site that is still in the developing stages, but has a great concept and potential to go big.GrouperEye is a platform for collecting student-user generated content. Companies will submit a brief typically highlighting public relations, marketing or advertising challenges, and students can respond back. Generally this requires the students to submit a proposal which can range from a PowerPoint to wireframes of a Web site.

The best part? If you win you get $100 and a chance to meet with the company for intern or job opportunities. This is clearly a capable pathway to winning an honor, getting experience, and networking at the same time. It also shows how interactive media is bringing organizations and companies closer with its audience and customers. Companies featured thus far are generally smaller brands, but popular names such as Under Armour are tapping into GrouperEye’s base.

Personally, I think this is a great way for companies to gain perspective from consumers as well as provide a filtering process for new hires. While someone may have an impressive resume and portfolio, having done quality work for a company before hiring would probably have an edge.

Tapping into the ideas of college students can introduce new technologies and processes into a company that’s generally too busy to research what’s new in the digital age. Just from being in the MA in Interactive Media program at Elon, I have already learned so many more possibilities of what can be done with technology. It’s great that GrouperEye has seen this potential market and is willing to bridge the gap between the collegiate and professional.


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