Resumes and Self-Marketing Materials


Having strong self-marketing materials, such as resumes and portfolios, is essential in this job market. Employers should be able to tell immediately who a candidate is as a professional (e.g. designer, account manager, media buyer).

I have been using Wordle as an interactive tool to illustrate the importance of strategic resume writing with students and alumni. I ask them to copy and paste their resume into the Wordle “Create” window (go to > Create) and then click “Go”. The word cloud indicates the essence of their resume, the bolder and larger words should reflect their professional identity…if I can’t tell who they are professionally from the word cloud, the student or alumni needs to re-work her/his resume using more relevant industry language or more competently highlight relevant experience. Worlde can also be used for job ads as well…this helps job seekers to visually see what skills and experiences an employer is looking for.

You have to have Java for Wordle to work for you.

I have posted my word cloud above.  “Career”, “Services”, “Student” and “Communications” stand out. This is an example of a resume word could that effectively represents me as a college career counselor.

Give Wordle a whirl and make sure your resume is doing the job it should.


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