Creating an online reputation

In the iMedia program we’ve discussed a lot about branding ourselves.

This includes establishing an online presence. Maybe you don’t quite have the skills yet to develop a flashy portfolio, but there are still steps everyone can take with any computer to establish some sort of online reputation, and hopefully climb the Google ranks. Just hope someone with your same name didn’t run for Congress, like me, and you can get to the top! But don’t worry. I’ll top that Colleen Callahan of Illinois one of these days. . . but anyway, here are some cheap ways to establish an online presence.

1. Blog This does not have to be a personal diary of your every action. Instead, blog about the industry you want to be in. At least frame a nice character profile about yourself by writing about what you care about and your future employers should know. Comment on other blogs and you should see some return traffic. If you’re a great writer, it’s also a nice way to show off some of your personal style. Top blog tools include WordPress and Blogger.

2. Twitter Here you can post links about issues you care about and find noteworthy. If you do this well, you can become a professional source on a topic and gain many followers.

3. LinkedIn Guaranteed this is where employers will look when they first want to get to know a little bit about you. Create a professional resume, include links to your work, and import your blog. There are so many great functions you can use with LinkedIn, that this can definitely substitute for a portfolio.


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