What a Killer Year!

Wow – I must say, the inaugural year of the iMedia program was such a great success. I was able to see students come in at the start of the program with little to no video, audio, design and web skills, and leave with an amazing skill set, strong work examples to use as portfolio pieces and  a solid knowledge of the interactive media industry and how they fit into that industry.

Some highlights of the year:

1. All iMedia students are leaving with strong portfolios (check them out on the blog roll).

2. iMedia students had a chance to connect with and learn from over 30 media professionals from organizations such as Fleishman-Hillard , Ignite Social Media , Media General and Comcast Interactive at the Elon Interactive Media Panel and Student Showcase in April 2010.

3. iMedia students planned and facilitated the  “Elon IMX” event, allowing them to showcase their final capstone projects to faculty, staff, friends, family and employers.

4. iMedia students traveled all over the world as they worked with various non-profit and educational agencies for their Winter Fly-In Experience.

5. iMedia students also participated in meaningful conferences and events such as the Journalism that Matters Create or Die conference in Detroit.

6. iMedia students graduated and started jobs or internships at companies such as Red Interactive (interactive designer), WCSC-TV (interactive media director), Katalyst Films (media intern) and REDCATS Group (web design intern).

I’m so proud of our first cohort of iMedia students. I’m looking forward to meeting the class of 2011!


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