Lady Gaga and Resume Tips

By Ross Wade, Elon School of COM Career Guy

Ross’ top 5 tips for media resumes:

1. If you are a media person, especially a multimedia/interactive media person, add your social media info to your resume header. Employers want to know you’re savvy with, and engaged in, social media.

2. Spelling and grammar must be perfect! Ever heard of the “preacher’s kid syndrome” (they are always the naughtiest kids)…well, I have “English teacher’s kid syndrome” – my mom used to be an English teacher, and as a result I am a notoriously bad speller…and don’t do grammar good (heh heh). That being said, it is no excuse! I tell my students and alumni to always have at least five different people put eyes on their resume – the more the better. No matter how perfect you think your latest version is…I bet you missed something.

3. Speak in the language of the media industry when creating your resume. Unsure of what words to use? Check out some job ads and see what they are looking for skill-wise…these are the words you want to make sure you are using (of course only use these words if you have executed the skill…no one likes a liar, y’all).

4. EACH RESUME should be CUSTOMIZED to the job you are applying for! Yes…for reals. I know this seems like a real time sucker, but this relates to rule #3. Review the job ad carefully, incorporate their language into your bullets using your own experiences. Many larger companies have algorithms that search for key words (normally words from the job ad), and if your resume does not have those key words, it never makes it to the folks that make the hires.

5. Use your bullets to tell stories including big names and numbers and highlight accomplishments. Let’s say you somehow happened upon Lady Gaga’s resume, and the bullets in her experience section read:

  • sing songs live and in studio
  • perform songs live

Pathetico, right? That nowhere near describes Lady Gaga’s career and accomplishments. How about something like:

  • Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and performer with over 15 million albums and 51 million singles sold worldwide
  • Ranked #73  of 2000-2010 most important artists by Billboard Magazine; ranked 7th by Forbes Magazine‘s 2010’s World’s 100 Most Influential Women

Are you starting to see my point?

Your resume is a highly important marketing tool – make sure you are marketing yourself the right way. Visit your career counselor, ask for feedback from friends and professors, seek help from professionals – make sure your resume reflects your best professional self!




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