Allow myself to introduce…myself

By Meghan Gargan, Elon iMedia Class 2011


Well, hello blogosphere! It’s Fall Break here at Elon University, which means I have some extra time to relax, get ahead on class work and, most importantly, contemplate how I should begin my first blog post as the current student rep for the iMedia graduate program…I have a tough life, I know.

When sitting down to write this post I tried to put myself back into the prospective student frame of mind. What were my key questions this time last year as I was preparing to submit my application? What would I want to ask a current student? I’ll be honest, I probably had a five-page list of questions (not including informal follow-ups), so I won’t be able to address everything in this first post, but I am going to try to tackle all the big ones as I continue my iMedia journey.

I thought we could skip all formalities (but if you want to learn more about me check out my bio on the iMedia home page) and jump right into the juicy stuff!

As of last week, we are officially half way through first semester (high-fives all around), and it feels unreal. Ever since I moved to the Elon area in August to participate in the Boot Camp Workshop, it feels like time has completely gotten away from me – next thing you know it’ll be May and I’ll be passing the Eye on iMedia blog baton – but let’s not get ahead ourselves, we’ve barely begun to get to know each other.

In the last seven weeks I think I’ve learned more than I did in my entire undergraduate career (and I was no slacker). We’ve covered a majority of the software programs in the Adobe Creative Suite 5 package as well as made an impressive dent when it comes understanding interactive and communications strategy and theory. Both the theoretical and practical components are essential when it comes to understanding the interactive media industry as a whole, not to mention it makes you a pretty darn attractive job candidate post-graduation. The truth is, there really is something here for everyone including those who want to be a media producer (think Flash, HTML/CSS) and those who want to go the project management route (think design and layout strategy and function).

Not only are the classes relevant and interesting, but I’ve landed pretty spectacular classmates that come from a wide-range of educational backgrounds and professional experiences, which is another great resource. You’ll find in this program everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses (nobody is the BEST at everything) and we’ve all quickly learned to help and work with each other if we want to succeed.

So that’s my short’n sweet overview of the program, where we are thus far and the perks of being an iMedia student. Looking forward I’ve got a couple big weeks ahead of me with projects and papers so if I go MIA, never fear…I will resurface. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions or topics they want me to cover feel free to comment here and I’ll make it a point to respond to as many as possible.

Until then, I see the first-semester finish line ahead and I’m racing towards it!


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