Weekend at Geekend

by Brad Berkner, Coordinator of Interactive Media

Weekend at GeekendWhat Instruction Manual? Interactive Process and Education.

Hey folks,

I’m the Coordinator of Interactive Media. I wear many capes but my primary duty involves assisting students. This ranges from idea brainstorming through the production process, user experience and final project launches. The iMedia program thrives on student feedback and engaged learning. I provide weekly workshops for students. The workshops cover a variety of topics from video and design to code. I tailor my workshops specifically to student needs. In these rapidly changing times, it is important to remain flexible and understand the continual transformation that is inherent to the field.

Conferences are an excellent way to stay connected with these future transformations. I had the fantastic opportunity to speak at Geekend 2010 in Savannah, GA (November 4-6). Geekend could be described as a think tank for technology educators, practitioners and enthusiasts. I’ve always been amazed at the energy at conferences like Geekend. If I could summarize Geekend with three words they would be energy, ideas and sharing.

It was evident that everyone at the conference shared common interests but each expressed them in new and different ways. The information beehive that formed from this is a testament to the ambition and love of the discipline. The DIY or Do-It-Yourself culture in this industry was evident at Geekend. The diverse cast of speakers reflects much of what we discuss and strive toward in the iMedia program.

These are just a few, of the many, influential speakers:

Noah Everett – Founder, Twitpic

“As a one-man show, Noah Everett single-handedly grew the site from inception to a service now used by over 12 million users, including celebrities, politicians, and his mom.”

Mimi Chan – National Creative Director, CBS Outdoor Canada

“Mimi is passionate about creating advertising for Out-Of-Home (OOH). With the interactivity of social media injecting into the traditional media mix, Mimi sees multi-dimensional opportunities of integrating OOH and Geekology to yet another level of creative thinking.”

Scott Smith – Founder, Changeist

“Scott Smith is the founder, principal and vision behind Changeist, a foresight, strategy and innovation lab created to find opportunities and develop new market spaces where technology and emerging behaviors intersect. He has over 15 years of experience as a futurist and strategist at global research firms, developing new tools for capturing and mapping insights.”


What Instruction Manual? Interactive Process and Education

The instruction manual and how it relates to interactive media was the focal point of my presentation. Visual communication and simplifying ideas through the production process are intrinsic ideas that run through the interactive discipline. There are many parallels between instruction manuals and interactive media. The most evident being the visualization of information. If you are interested in exploring my presentation further, please visit:


Information about the iMedia program can be found here:


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