Kick starting a new year


Welcome to 2011, time to kick start a new year! The iMedia students’ planning and diligence in fall 2010 are now thrown into gear with their winter term “fly-in’s” this month…and the many opportunities during spring term just around the corner.

The preparations begin early in fall for the interactive media winter fly-in projects (COM 570, “Interactive Project for the Public Good”). This year the students travel to Panama and Costa Rica. Along with compiling all the equipment including a survival package of SD card readers, batteries and even rubber bands, I coordinated workshops for students to become more familiar with the technology and production equipment. The workshops covered everything from CSS to CMS development, cameras and general production skills. I also invited the talented J. McMerty, Coordinator of Video Projects, to expand upon all the amazing cameras and equipment the students have access to on their travels (Canon 7D / Panasonic AG-HMC 150 / Final Cut Pro to name a few…). After an invigorating expedition, students will return to Elon where their journey continues as the content they gathered and lives they touched will be transformed into rich, elaborate and meaningful media experiences. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see their final projects!

A walking tour with Club de Ciegos de Colon - serving the blind in Colon, Panama

A walking tour with Club de Ciegos de Colon - serving the blind in Colon, Panama

A strong focus of the iMedia program is to create experiences where students can learn more about the interactive media industry and connect with employers. South by Southwest (SXSW) is just the place for this to happen. How do students get to go? They have to compete, and the winners get funding assistance to go to Austin, TX for the SXSW Interactive Conference in March. The conference is one of the preeminent interactive media conferences in the world. I worked closely with Prof. Derek Lackaff in creating the grant proposal and designing the competition. Students were tasked with an intense written grant proposal and thematic visual component describing how they would best navigate the interactive beehive of SXSW. The winning team will begin brainstorming a cohesive project plan starting February in anticipation of the conference in March.

BIG THINGS: (in the coming days and months)

Winter term fly-in final projects: Look for more information about what the students have experienced on our website and via @elonimedia our twitter stream #imediapanama and #imediacostarica

SXSW Interactive Conference (South by Southwest): Students will begin brainstorming in February for the conference in March.

iMedia Showcase: April brings the iMedia Showcase where students display their talents while interacting with industry professionals

Capstones / Independent Studies and more!


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