Pura Vida: The Elon Experience


Hola, readers! I have returned from my travels to Costa Rica and have so much to share with you all.

For those who may not know, Pura Vida is a common phrase in Costa Rica that encompass the “no worry, be happy” state of mind. It was something that I know I took to heart during my travels, as well as brought back with me to Elon.

There are so many things I could write about right now, but I guess I’ll just try to sum up the whole experience by saying these trips will change your life, enlighten how you think and alter the way you live. I can’t completely convey how good it feels to give back to an organization that truly needs our skills or to know that we are helping one little corner of the world.

Currently, we just finished presenting our interactive projects to a group of Elon faculty and students and it was amazing to see not only the technical progress of my classmates, but how everyone has changed due to his/her experiences. This may be “tooting our own horn,” but we have become an integrated part of bringing change, awareness and, hopefully, funding to these well-deserving non-profits.

This year clients ranged from an institution that focuses on sustainability in the humid tropics to an organization providing much needed services to the blind to a start-up non-profit encouraging recycling and good waste management to a foundation helping indigenous people seek out much needed medical treatment for those with disabilities.

Interactive projects ranged from creating English and Spanish accessible websites, to interactive brochures to websites developed with CMS (content management system) in mind. Groups are still adding the finishing touches to projects, but once they are completed I’ll be sure to share the links.

As part of our overall project, my group has also put together a mini-documentary that really demonstrates the fly-ins on a much greater and deeper level than I could ever do with just words. So, please enjoy the video below, edited by the great Drew Sykes.

As spring semester kicks off, I hope all us iMedia folks continue to live the Pura Vida lifestyle here at Elon and remember to be grateful for all the little things we have while working towards helping those in need.


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