We have all experienced the struggle of grueling, time consuming work.  We “paddle up stream,” we constantly feel “swamped,”  and it seems we are always trying to  “keep our heads above water.”  Theses are idioms we all use and certainly can relate to.   I prefer “riding the wave” when tackling projects, designing iterations upon iterations, and hitting deadlines. I find comfort while riding the wave knowing not long after another wave will crest.

iMedia students are currently staying afloat. Working tirelessly through capstone projects, personal portfolios, scheduling informational interviews, interning, and looking for jobs all the while, graduation is looming on the horizon.  In my best impersonation of David Hasselhoff, I lift students to safety so they can paddle out to hit the next gnarly wave. It is a cycle and “you either sink or swim.” My primary goal in interacting with the students is to make sure they not only swim but….ride the wave.

I guide students through their design and production process. I troubleshoot technical hardware and software issues.  Although, my favorite contribution through all of this is instilling confidence while providing students with perspective. They are eager and intrepid but maintaining perspective and confidence are life lessons.

In their reflection, they look at past accomplishments. This video is a glimmer of what their amazing Winter Term projects encompassed but also a reminder of what can be achieved and also what lies before them.

Interactive Project for the Public Good
Winter Term Fly-in



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