Tweet-Cred: The Social Job Hunt


It’s officially March iMedia Madness, which means that in addition to classes, capstones and portfolios –  the job-hunt is on. Many of us are putting finishing touches on portfolios, resumes and cover letters as we prepare to launch a full-on attack on the interactive industry.

On a personal note, a lot has changed since I first entered the work world in 2008, including learning about job openings and making personal connections with companies and employers.  One tool that I’ve found to be incredibly useful in seeking out employment opportunities is Twitter. So here are my top four tips on leveraging this social network to land your own dream job.

1. Brand yo-self

First things first – make sure your Twitter account is in tip-top shape. That means using a professional picture, writing a catchy and informative 140-character bio (include a link to a blog or portfolio!), and making sure your tweets are interesting and informative.

2. Following > Followers

A lot of people get caught up in how many followers they have versus how many people they are following. More times than not you’re going to follow more people than are following you – that’s OK. In fact, that’s great! This means you have more access to employers’ information streams, which is exactly what you want.

My recommendation? Follow the companies you are interested in working for. A lot of times employers are now tweeting job openings and if you check Twitter on a regular basis you could be one of the first to know – and to apply. Additionally, don’t just follow the company, follow the employees. This is a great way to make personal connections with the company, find out what the culture is like and establish your interest and passion for a particular job.

3. It’s all about Karma

Twitter is one huge ego-boost. Part of the thrill is being mentioned or retweeted (RT) by others. If there’s a particular job or company you want to work for, make sure to be engaged in their conversations by replying to company tweets or RT quality information or links. It shows that you are a team player and want to help expose their brand to the masses.

4. Content, content, content

No matter what platform you use, content is king. Twitter is a great place to mesh personality and professional interests – just make sure you know where the line is. Tweet content that is industry-related and interesting. You want to show that you are ahead of the trends and knowledgeable in the field. However, it’s not all work and no play! It’s okay (encouraged event) to include an occasional pop culture tweet or share something from your life via picture or link. For example, I shared a twitpic of one of our graduate classes being held in SecondLife. Let your personality shine – just don’t let it overshadow your professional knowledge.

Have more questions? Direct message (DM) or tweet at me: @meghangargan


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