The Plan: act on it with confidence

Brad Berkner \\ Coordinator of Interactive Media Projects

On a warm spring evening while walking down the streets of Greensboro, NC I half jokingly turned to my girlfriend and said, “I should really be a life coach.” She hesitated, laughed, then exclaimed, “what?… really?” I had certainly pondered this before and at that moment I thought it would be best to run with it. I know my way around a good plan. This includes failed plans, like that time in high school I tried to pull off a full turn with my Subaru in a friend’s driveway only to hit his house… I didn’t know my radius, or more successfully, becoming the Coordinator of Interactive Media Projects at Elon University.

In my role as Coordinator of Interactive Media Projects, in many ways I’m already a life coach. iMedia students come away from the program (graduating May 19, 2011) having brainstormed, developed and executed plans Captain James T. Kirk would be proud of. I assist with the nuts and bolts of their ideas from design to execution. What is always striking to me is sharing conversations about their big-ticket items like, “life in five or ten years.” The gravity of these discussions always astonishes me. There is an unwavering confidence in their eyes. This confidence is directly associated with focused commitment and the realization that their plan is taking shape.

Captain James T. Kirk "I've... got a plan!"

Captain James T. Kirk "I've... got a plan!"

Plans take on all forms and sizes. They blossom when deciding what photos work best with your layout or knowing deep in your heart of hearts that you need to live in Denver. A plan is executing an idea or solving a problem based on information, decisions, and problem solving all while remaining flexible yet focused on your primary goal.

Diagramming the plan:

i.     it starts with a problem or an idea

ii.     brainstorm – gather information

iii.     determine outcomes and possible pitfalls

iv.     execute plan

v.     be flexible – have a plan B

vi.     determine results – what worked and what didn’t

vii.     move to the next plan while remembering what you’ve learned

As I finish writing this post, an iMedia student entered my office to ask for advice about their exciting job prospects. I love it when a plan comes together!


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