Farewell, iMedia 2011


So it’s finally here – my iMedia farewell. While thinking about what I wanted to write I realized that it all came down to one thing: saying thank you. In addition to my parents, my family and my friends (both new and old) that have stuck with me through these last 10-months, I owe a big thank you to those who have made the iMedia experience what it is. Once you’ve been a part of this program (as I’m sure you have all applied and been accepted by now!) you’ll understand why these people deserve the equivalent of the iMedia Oscar.

To Ross Wade who was a never-ending supply of resources, optimism and support while we struggled to figure out what career we wanted and then helped us achieve those goals.  You’re a rockstar.

To Maggie Mullikin who served as our sanity, shrink and, at times, savior. Words can’t express enough how much you mean to all of us and how you’ve helped us grow into who we are today – confident career-going iMedians!

To Brad Berkner who I personally owe a huge thank you to for sitting with me the first two months of fall semester patiently walking me through my weekly Flash projects, you’re guidance and friendship has helped all of us succeed and for that we can’t thank you enough.

To Sang Um Nam who may be the smartest person I know. Thank you for always supporting us and helping us not only gain technology confidence, but showing us that we are capable of solving problems on our own. And, of course, thanks for the amazing Korean BBQ, to this day it’s the best meal I’ve ever had.

To Phillip Motley who made us realize we are all artists and designers in one way or another. Who inspired us and pulled us through that first semester with his classroom chats and explaining to us that we would see the light in the spring. (Amen, brother!)

To Dr. Copeland who gave us the flexibility to run with this program and let us do what we needed to do to make the most of our experience. You always made us see that there was a bright and brilliant future for us.

Additionally, huge a THANK YOU to all the iMedia admissions, staff and faculty. We could not have done this without all of you.

As my final farewell, I’ll leave you with this: the future of the interactive media industry is filled with endless possibilities. When you enter this program you may feel out of your league or that you’ll never gain the skills or confidence to be who you want to be. I’m here to tell you can. Come in here with a vision and have the confidence to see it through. Find what you love, make it happen and everything will work out. This is coming from a student who has been there and seen it all. It now comes from a recently employed, iMedia alum who is ready to take on the world.

So here it is, the official passing of the iMedia baton, which one of you will be next in chronicling the iMedia journey?


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