Code. Crash. Coffee. Career.

By Ross Wade, Elon School of COMM Career Guy

Elon University’s MA, Interactive Media class of 2011 has officially graduated. The iMedia commencement ceremony was last Thursday, and I had the privileged of attending. Cait Smith, 2011 iMedia student, discussed all the up’s and down’s of being in the iMedia program in her commencement speech…the triumph of completing a project and the despair of crashing code, the millions of gallons of coffee consumed to stay awake in order to complete a multimedia piece, the research, the trial and error, the incredible evolution of becoming an interactive media professional in just 10 months, and the excitement and anxiety of the job/career search. Commencement speaker Matthew Polevoy, social media producer at CBS News, discussed the importance of social media, the many opportunities opening up for professionals in this emerging field, and the great joy and excitement he gets from going to work every day.

Check out where a few of our iMedia grads have landed after the program:

Social Media Strategy Director @ Likeable Media – Boston, MA

Interactive Production Coordinator @ McKinney – Durham, NC

Digital Analyst @ Corporate Executive Board – Washington, DC

Digital Strategist @ Centerline Digital –  Raleigh, NC

Creative Designer @ VINDICO Group – New York, NY

Please check out the online portfolios of the 2011 iMedia crew by clicking on names in the blogroll to the right.

Congrats to all of  our 2011 iMedia grads – we wish you the best of luck!


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