Mad props to the Eye on iMedia blog team & THANKS!

By Ross Wade, Elon School of COMM Career Guy

I just returned from Dallas, TX where the Eye on iMedia blog team received a national award from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) for technology. We are so thrilled!

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the blog team for all of their hard work – this blog’s “cool factor” has gone up about 100% only because of their ideas, enthusiasm, and talent. THANK YOU!

The NACE conference was amazing and reinforced the importance of interactive media (specifically social media) as a key component of career development, whether it be for self-marketing purposes, networking or discovering industry information. For example…as soon as we won the award I tweeted a congrats to the team along with a picture (totally fuzzy and busted) of the plaque. This tweet was read and then retweeted by @elonuniversity, @elonalumni, @eloncomm, and about four of my wonderful School of COMM alumni and students…all of this happened within about 90 minutes. One of those retweets caught the attention of Devin Kelley (Elon University, ’08), who promptly connected with me via Twitter to schedule a time to talk about how he could work with me on helping current Elon students and alumni interested in careers in media. Totally killer. This is power of social media.

Stay tuned for:

1. More info on careers in interactive media

2. More profiles of professionals working in interactive media

3. A NEW blogger, recently graduated from the iMedia class of 2011

4. A NEW blogger representing the new iMedia class graduating in 2012

5. More profiles on iMedia alumni (find out what the heck they are up to post grad school)

See you on the interwebs!




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