Make time for inspiration and then? Spread the love.

By Ross Wade, Elon School of COMM Career Guy

I have taken today off from work. What have I been doing? Watching videos on and reading “Running with Scissors” by Augusten Burroughs…and I’m totally inspired! In spending just a few hours being inspired and learning I have come up with four ideas for new career development programs in the fall. CRAZY! This tends to happen to me…I need inspiration…I “need it in a bad way.” Why don’t I carve out time for this at work? Well, just like for most folks, there is no time. OR, maybe it is we just don’t make the time. What if, every week, we carved out just 10 minutes a day to look at something pretty, read a few pages from the book your friend recommended, check out the new album from that band you love so much…what if we did this? What if we made inspiration a requirement for our daily work lives?

Now…how does this tie into interactive media? Well…do you recognize how much inspiration is at your finger tips at any time of day, almost anywhere in the world? SO MUCH! Use this resource (the interwebs) to find inspiration, hope, new skills, etc. THIS is why social media is important – this is the power of social media! Use this technology to learn and grow yourself and your work. How can social media, and what it offers, inspire and assist you? What can you contribute to inspire others?

So, my challenge to you? Get inspired. 10 minutes a day…just try it, and then spread the love. Below are some things that inspire me. Feel free to share what inspires you.

  • – This video inspired me to write this post.
  • Twitter – yes! Follow leaders in your field – I read articles every week tweeted by colleagues and learn so much!
  •  Google Art Project – can’t make it to MoMA today? No worries, you can see the works of some of the greatest artists in the world here.
  •  It gets better project – can social media save lives, provide support and information, and change the world? Yup.
  • DesignSponge – ahhh pretty things make me happy…and they also have KILLER city guides *

The Federal, Durham, NC

*thanks to the DesignSponge Durham, NC (my home town!) city guide for the image in this post


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