Can you have a future without a past?

by Maggie Mullikin

Coordinator of Graduate Outreach & Special Programs

I am lucky to say I have been involved in the iMedia program at Elon before it was the iMedia program at Elon.  The builders of this inspired, innovative, intense 10 month program had a plan.  Clearly they had a plan.  What they did not have was a history.  While promoting, marketing and looking for our first class there were no documented successes nor were there lists of jobs or job titles filled with iMedia graduates.

But look what we have now!  We have 68 graduates made up of teachers, social media managers, editors, videographers, digital marketing designers, production assistants, and junior web developers.  We have two former iMedia students, from different cohorts, collaborating and working together at the same company in Manhattan.  We have students from the class of 2010 mentoring students from the class of 2011.  We have a graduate in Los Angeles helping a graduate in Raleigh secure a job.

We have consultants, search engine analysts, creative designers, and account coordinators building their careers and planning their futures from Massachusetts to Florida and Charleston to San Francisco.

We have employers who made hires from our inaugural class calling us and asking to hire more.
We have local companies asking if they really have to wait until the spring for another talented iMedia apprentice.

We have completed eight successful international trips where students have created interactive media for the public good. The Foundations we worked with have embraced the knowledge and technology our faculty and students brought with them to each country.  One NGO in Panama has requested that they, not we, manage and update the content on their web site.  This would not have been possible without the continued input and collaboration from their iMedia team and the perspicacity of their abilities.

We have a current class of 41 students consisting of recent grads, writers, marketing professionals, a former elementary school teacher, and our first international student.

So now, as you can see, we do have a history as well as a bright future.


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