What is your purpose? And…you’ll need a wardrobe change.

by Ross Wade, Elon School of COM career guy

This year Elon iMedia faculty and staff are bringing in employers, professionals and alumni galore! Yes…we do bring these folks in to “network”, but my favorite part is all that I learn while they are on campus (and yes…learning IS a part of networking). Last week Angela Connor, social media manager at Capstrat in Raleigh made a visit to Elon to discuss what she does and how to effectively use social media with clients. The top 3 things I learned from her presentation:

1. What is your purpose? Just because “everyone is on social media” doesn’t mean that you should slop together a Facebook profile and Twitter handle. The first thing you should consider when using social media is: what is your GOAL? Is your goal to drive traffic to your website? Become a thought leader on a topic? Create community with customers? Knowing your goals and creating a strategic social media plan will guide you in all your future decisions on social media. Angela gave a great example of an organic farm client based in the NC mountains – the client’s goal was to become a thought leader on a specific topic; so Angela hit the road with flip cam in pocket, and in about 3 hours shot several short videos on that specific topic (the client did several wardrobe changes so it wasn’t obvious all the videos were shot at once). These videos were used on the client’s social media platforms and website.

2. More is More…content that is. This is the beauty of social media. Why just write a blog post when you can also add a video testimonial and interactive timeline?! Bundle info together in a way to give multiple perspectives and points of info.

3. If you like what you do, and have a passion for learning new things, you will be happy. Angela has a background in news and loves to work on multiple projects, constantly learning new things. This passion was evident in her presentation. She made it clear that if she is board, she is not happy…I could tell that she really likes her job and IS happy.  Her expertise and passion made me think of Steve Jobs and his amazing 2005 Stanford commencement address. I know, I know. Everyone has seen this video a thousand times, but the message will always be true. “The only way to do great work is to do what you love. Don’t settle.”


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