iMedia Showcase gets UPDATE!

By Ross Wade, School of COM career guy

As the spring semester approaches, preparation for iMedia’s annual professional development day (e.g. iMedia Showcase of 2010 and 2011) is underway. This year we are tweaking the event, and providing some updates in the format…and I’m really excited about it!

Update #1

The event has been moved to Friday March 2nd, rather than the end of April,  to provide some early education on networking and growing professional relationships. The day of the event, I’ll be doing a workshop on this important topic just in time for our SXSWi contest winners as they make their way to Austin a week later. All students will be able to use these skills as they continue to reach out to employers for info meetings and attend NC media events, conferences and gatherings.

Update #2

We will have alums participating in the event! I’m super excited about this. We still intend to have our large panel (with professionals representing leading companies in new media), but we will also have breakout sessions with alums to discuss with students job search, portfolios, resumes, etc.

As far as our panel of professionals, we wanted to get representatives from a non-profit, corporation, agency and the entertainment industry. So…what companies will be represented on our panel of professionals?

1. New Media Strategies (confirmed)

2. Nike (confirmed)

3. HBO (in the works…but outlook good)

4. United Way of the Greater Triangle (confirmed)

Stay tuned for more info!


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