Blue Beanie Day & Web Standards

by Brad Berkner, Coordinator of Interactive Media Projects

What is Blue Beanie Day? Think of it as the future of the Web. If you have ever picked up a newspaper and pages were missing or your dog slobbered on the sports section making it a dripping, illegible mess then you will appreciate the importance of Web Standards. At its core, Web Standards are about making information accessible to everyone. We will agree this is a great idea.

Douglas Vos, founder of Facebook’s Designing With Web Standards Group, began the Blue Beanie Day tradition on November 26, 2007. His inspiration was Jeffrey Zeldman, the godfather of Web Standards, and author of Designing with Web Standards.

Designing with Web Standards

As a leader of the movement, Zeldman has fostered a generation of designers and developers. His vision and guidance echo across the community. These Web Standards grow from guidelines created by the W3C.

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is an international community led by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and CEO Jeffrey Jaffe. The mission of the W3C is to lead the Web to its fullest potential. They provide guidelines for creating content for the Web.

The television industry, for example, provides guidelines for content providers (ABC, NBC, ESPN etc…). There are simple guides such as title safe and action safe but there are also more strict guidelines determined by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Think what closed captioning brings to television.

It only makes sense to have standard practices in place when creating media. Web Standards and the W3C provide us this platform. If you are in favor of a Web for everyone, by everyone, One Web, then support Web Standards and Blue Beanie Day!

Elon iMedia Supports Web Standards

More info about Web Standards

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Link to my presentation @ College Media Advisors

(Orlando, Florida – Oct. 2011)


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