iMedia Crossroad

By LINDSEY HUSTON, iMedia class of 2012

“There’s fifteen weeks left in the program,” Professor Motley reminded my capstone class today. It’s hard to believe, but with second semester starting, my classmates and I are at a crossroad. I still find myself reflecting on the success of the fly-in groups with our non-profit clients during January, but I know it’s time to submerge myself into second semester.

My fly-in group outside of Reykjavik, Iceland

The fly-in experience is arguably the most rewarding aspect of the iMedia program. My fly-in group, comprised of seven classmates and me, spent nine days in Reykjavík, Iceland learning about Your Priorities, the Citizens Foundation’s web service used to promote online, democratic debate to improve communities. Our goal was to clarify the non-profit’s mission and promote their success, in order to reach a larger, international audience. After our nine days in Reykjavík, my group worked 10 days on Elon’s campus in order to achieve this goal.

We created a social media strategy, six promotional videos, a mission statement, new English copy, and a redesigned WordPress website. My classmates and I naturally fell into roles within our group, and I was our content manager. I worked with our clients to rewrite their mission statement, English copy on their website, and helped the social media team write a strategy plan. Video editing was a main task once we returned to Elon, and we all edited using Final Cut Pro X and After Effects. I’m proud to say our clients described our work as “excellent” and “some even close to perfect”, but I’m prouder that we spread the mission of the Citizens Foundation.

Looking ahead, this semester looks vastly different from first semester. With more room in the curriculum for autonomy, I’m beginning an internship with Pace Communications, a capstone project, and a job search. After seeing what my classmates and I were able to accomplish with our fly-in groups, I can’t wait to see what we’re able to accomplish in all of our pursuits this semester!


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