Another iMedia Success Story

by maggie mullikin

As I continue to reach out to recent iMedia graduates I feel more and more validation.  Validation on many levels.

*Elon’s iMedia program is not only cutting edge but leading edge.  I have employers tell me, on a regular basis, that the planners responsible for creating our program were right on target in terms of duration (10 months), hallmarks (international travel component), built- in career guidance (90% employment rate following graduation), and the rapidly changing technological landscape (introduction this spring of an application development class).

I had the pleasure of visiting, most recently, with Emily Doelling in Charleston, SC.  Emily works at Blackbaud, Inc..  Blackbaud specializes in making software for non-profits.  The software consists of constituent, donor management, and organization of multimillion dollar events.  Emily works with one specific software product Blackbaud offers.

“My product is designed for online fund raising, e-Marketing, and peer to peer fund raising events specifically designed to enable nonprofits to build an online community.”

I asked Emily about the use of her iMedia skills on a daily basis.  “I use my iMedia degree in a broad sense by discussing strategies for eMarketing, platforms for online giving, event registrations, store purchases and memberships with organizations looking to expand their presence in the online community.  I also use more technical skills such as HTML to troubleshoot design issues found on interactive websites. I have always wanted to work with non-profit organizations and, applied to many after graduating iMedia.  What I found was,  Blackbaud offered  the opportunity for me assist as many as 20 non-profits each and every day.  It’s rewarding and challenging.  It’s the perfect combination!”

Emily loves her job and her life in Charleston.  As I’ve said before, and am sure I will say again, it makes me so happy to see our students succeed.

Emily’s words of wisdom to current and future iMedia students, “Go after what you want, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things.  Use all of your contacts (including neighbors, parents, friends, former co-workers, classmates, etc) to expand your chances in finding opportunities.  Most importantly, don’t get discouraged!!!”


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