by Brad Berkner – Coordinator of Interactive Media Projects

There is no better way to prepare for a career than working with clients. iMedia provides many opportunities for students to engage with clients.

Many iMedia courses incorporate this work. Students have created interactive content for a variety of clients both for profit and nonprofit. There is no way to accurately replicate this relationship in a typical classroom setting.

The winter term fly-in experience is an excellent example of client interaction. Students face many challenges. The communication and language barriers, working in countries like Panama and Costa Rica, provide opportunities for unique problem solving.

During the spring semester, many students leverage independent studies, COM 568.  Special Topics in Interactivity. They create their own course, including a syllabus, focusing on skills related to future career aspirations. This is the perfect opportunity to include industry perspective. Other students take advantage of an internship or apprenticeship with COM 569.  Professional Apprenticeship. The apprenticeships include real work in a professional environment. If the opportunity is right, apprenticeships often lead to job opportunities.

The industry is filled with a variety of people and learning how to interact with all these characters is essential. The relationship built between peers will be different than with a boss and certainly different, again, with clients. The client relationship is a balance of healthy respect and direct communication.

Tips for working with clients:


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