Rewarding Experiences

By LINDSEY HUSTON, iMedia class of 2012

Powell is full of energy as my classmates and I attempt to get as much out of this semester as possible. For me, the past seven weeks have been filled with portfolio work, an internship, information meetings, coursework and a capstone project. Spring break is in sight and, although I am happy with my progress, there’s always more to be done.

My most rewarding experience of the semester thus far has been working as an Four Seasons Magazine Editorial Intern at Pace Communications. I get to see first-hand the work the magazine’s online managing editor, Susan Stegemann, and one of the magazine’s associate editors, Callie Young. They have me writing articles, researching, fact checking, and working with WordPress and search engine optimization. It’s a nice change of pace to see practical applications of skills taught in the iMedia program, and it doesn’t hurt that I get to spend my days researching and writing about places we’d all love to explore, such as Bora Bora.

A rewarding experience several of my classmates recently added to their iMedia experience was a trip to Austin, Texas for SXSW Interactive. Cassie GoodingChris KirkhamAnne McNultyBrandy StearnsJessica Torrez-Riley, and Lou Tufillaro won a competition to be sent to the conference last semester. Other iMedia classmates joined them, and you can read about their experiences here.

If anyone needs motivation to push through their final weeks of hard work here at Elon, Lou Tuffilaro offers validation for those pursuing careers in interactive media. He described SXSW “the center of the universe” and said this experience affirmed for him that “iMedia graduate students made an excellent choice in choosing this industry.” With ten weeks left until our graduation in May, I think I can speak for my classmates when saying these are welcome words.


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