Experience iMedia

by Lindsey Huston, iMedia class of 2012

It seems like yesterday I was putting on my black cap and gown, both nervous and excited for what lay ahead. The ceremony was outside, and the South Carolina humidity both fogged up my brain and clung my commencement robe to my body. That moment was on May 22, 2011, and I was graduating from Wofford College.

One month from today, I’ll be in a similar moment. Although I’m thankful the Elon iMedia graduation ceremony will be inside, I’ll once again be wearing a cap and gown while pondering the future. With this moment quickly approaching, I find myself trying to remember one thing: What did I originally hope to get out of the iMedia experience?

It’s easy to get bogged down, distracted by the minute details of everyday tasks. (Lately, these moments occur while editing with After Effects or when waking up after a dream about JavaScript.) But it’s important to remember the purpose of our actions and take time to really experience them.

An example of a duo that’s taken the time to experience all that iMedia has to offer are the co-founders of Twin Stripe Magazine. Alison Harshbarger and Katie Williamsen, two of my classmates, published their first issue of the magazine in the fall. The interactive online magazine is seasonal, and it highlights styling, parties, and décor.

Katie Williamsen & Alison Harshbarger, Twin Stripe Co-Founders

This semester, they committed to making their magazine even more interactive. Instead of using a pre-made magazine platform, they listened to iMedia coordinator Brad Berkner’s advice and created their own HTML5 and CSS framework for their spring issue. Katie comments, “The iMedia program gave us the push we needed to take Twin Stripe outside of the box and explore new possibilities. We were doing what was safe and standard, but now we have developed something exciting and different. The possibilities for the future are endless.”

I’ve seen the hard work and creative energy that’s been put into this magazine, and I’m amazed at how much its creators have accomplished on top of our heavy coursework. Twin Stripe is definitely a product of individuals willing to truly experience all that they can as Elon Interactive Media students. I was lucky enough to be asked to edit the magazine’s copy and, in the latest edition, contribute an article on Fiestaware.

Twin Stripe's spring issue is colorfully creative

To those entering the program this summer, I urge you to commit to your time at Elon and truly experience iMedia. And to my fellow soon-to-be-graduates, good luck during our remaining month!


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