notable quotes

by maggie mullikin

Whether I am visiting a former iMedia student at their office, co-hosting our most recent iMedia Dinner & Discussion, or speaking to current iMedia students about their interactions with alumni I am struck by the amount of conversation, networking, connecting, sharing, and generosity that exists.  I believe this is due, partly, to the fact that so many iMedia alumni are working in the field they love and have the career they aspired to after earning their degree in interactive media.  The conversations are optimistic, hopeful, encouraging, and full of ideas and guidance. They  include the many reasons why people from all undergraduate backgrounds should consider Elon’s iMedia program.

Kacie Lett (’12)  is an account coordinator at Response Mine and I had the pleasure of visiting her in Atlanta.  This is what she had to say about the iMedia program and what it has done for her career.

“After graduating from my undergraduate university, I was overwhelmed with options– I knew where I wanted to be, but was lacking the skill set and insight on how to arrive there. By fortunate chance I learned of the Interactive Media Program at Elon University, and instantly knew it was for me. The understanding of tools, concepts, and real-life business practices that you gain during this 10-month degree is something that cannot be fully put into words nor understood in its entirety, until you land that first job post Elon.

“I ventured down to Atlanta, Georgia where I was welcomed into a digital advertising agency with open arms. My peers and bosses alike were surprised and impressed with the knowledge Elon provided me. I never would have had the skill set, nor the confidence to walk into my company and accept the job I was offered, had I not first pursued my master’s degree at Elon University. In less than six months, I was afforded the wonderful opportunity to manage the paid search advertising and search engine optimization for two prominent children’s clothing brands.

“I sing the praises of Elon University and the IMedia faculty and staff wherever I go. And while I only spent a short while there, Elon University will always be a place I am proud to call home.”

Nicole Wyche (’11) a strategist with Ignite Social Media had the following to say about her iMedia experience.

“The iMedia program was 10 months of the craziest job I’ll ever have. I hit the ground running, learned something new every single day, survived quick turnarounds, worked with clients and diverse internal teams all while keeping up with the latest tech developments and news. I left more than prepared for the rest of my career and excited to hit the ground running again.”

These two women speak to the advantage this program has given them and what it can do for others transitioning into the world of interactive.


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