10-month Countdown!

By Marianne Brigola, Elon University School of COM Career Advisor

A huge welcome to the iMedia class of 2014! You’ve made it through Bootcamp and week 1 of classes–soon these weeks will be flying by and before you know it, graduation will be here. Amidst the classes and projects, fly-ins and presentations, I know that one topic will continue to stay on your minds: what am I going to do next? Many of you have already expressed some concern about your job search after graduation, so I thought it would be helpful to break down your job search and help you get a better sense of what it might look like.

Most media jobs are posted under a “real-world” timeline–a company will post a position as it becomes available and typically are seeking someone to start within 1-2 months. Because of that, your true job search, when you are submitting applications, will most likely kick-in in towards the end of the Spring semester. However, here are some other steps you can take much earlier in the year, to help you be prepared for your search:

  • Research: the world of media is vast and changing. Start thinking about what kind of career you see envision for yourself after graduation. What kind of company are you interested in joining? See where previous iMedia grads have gone onto work and what type of titles they have.
  • Gain professional knowledge: In addition to what you’re learning in class, it’s important to stay updated with the industry. Publications like Mashable, Wired + TechCrunch can help you stay up-to-date with news in the technology worlds. Conferences like Converge SE, SXSW Interactive are also great for learning more about the industry and networking
  • NETWORK! Take advantage of the next 8 months and network, network, network! Networking is a great way for you to learn from industry experts, discover if a job or company is a good fit for you and help you with your job search. Applying for jobs is only 20% effective–Networking is 80% more successful when it comes to applying for jobs. Think smart too–if you have a project for your class, consider incorporating your dream company or job into the project–perhaps doing a case study on your dream company or interviewing someone with a career you’re interested in exploring.
  • Meet with Me: I’m here to help you! We can work together on creating a strategy for your job search and making sure your resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and e-portfolios all represent you as the media professional you are. Appointments can be made by contacting 336.278.6538. Additionally, I have open drop-in hours every Wednesday + Thursday from 1:30-3:30, for a quick 15-minute session.

Still looking for a place to start? Katie shared with me this great explanation of Job Titles in Web Development.



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