Just Another Day………….. at theZoo

by maggie mullikin –

Our iMedia graduates are finding, actually creating, jobs in the most wonderful places. I spent Wednesday at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro with Jaunita Wrenn, one of our most recent graduates.  Juanita was showing off her iPad app, which is available on the APP Store. http://www.nczoo.org/freestuff/gorillaipadapp.html

She has created the most beautiful, user friendly, on line magazine which chronicles, teaches, and informs viewers about the gorilla habitat at the NC Zoo.  Juanita began this project last spring after landing an internship during her second semester photo[2] of the iMedia program.  For her capstone project, Juanita had the opportunity to create an interactive iPad magazine app for the North Carolina Zoo. Juanita hopes this will be the first in a series of magazines focusing on one zoo “family” at a time, entertaining and educating both zoo visitors and non-visitors nationwide. Her interactive magazine launched in July of this summer. The digital magazine incorporates touch screen interface design to navigate through articles that include videos, slide shows, touch and reveal elements, audio stories and pull-tab objects.

Her background was an excellent springboard for the program and she, herself, is an excellent example of someone who wanted to add new media skills to existing ones to open more doors and create a new career.

Juanita  is a graphic designer with more than 25 years of experience in the design field. Her business, Wrenn Works, specializes in merging art, design and illustration. Juanita has a keen interest in color theory and info graphics. In addition to her creative work, Juanita tutored students in the local elementary school. While working with students and teachers, she realized the potential of interactive teaching materials. This interest in interactive education, along with the desire to offer interactive marketing media to her  design clients, led Juanita to the Elon iMedia graduate program ’13. While there, she merged her love of education with her design experience. Juanita’s dream job is to develop interactive teaching/informational materials for visitor institutions such as museum, zoos and aquariums. Juanita was born and raised in Carrboro, N.C. She graduated from high school at the N.C. School of the Arts and attended the Corcoran School of Art & Design. She received a BFA in Studio Art from UNC Chapel Hill and her master’s in Interactive Media from Elon.  She calls both N.C. and Alaska “home.”


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