We’re proposing…capstones!

By Laura Smith

In one week we’ll turn in the proposal for what will most likely the biggest project of our educational careers. Our Capstone project will encompass a subject we’re interested in, married (pun intended) with a specific skill (or skills) we feel strong in that we’ve learned so far. For some this means building a mobile app, for some it will be shooting a documentary. For others it will mean telling a story using graphics and data visualization. Or maybe creating an interactive map to inform local citizens of the community they live in.

We’ll hit the ground running on our capstones the beginning of February, once we’re finished putting together our fly-in projects. We’ll spend the rest of the semester working on them until our showcase on May 21. We already put together the literature review during the first half of the Fall semester in our Theory class with Derek Lackaff.

So what kinds of things are iMedia students planning on producing?

“For my capstone project, I will be creating an interactive fashion closet iPad app which will allow users to virtually keep track of their wardrobe, while also finding inspiration from “following” other users’ wardrobes,” Allie White said. The idea behind her capstone is that fashion bloggers will be able to share their wardrobes online for users to follow, creating a bigger audience for their blog, as well. She also plans on including weekly newsletters sent to users, an interview with the Featured Fashion Blogger of the Week and a  “tour” of their own wardrobe. “Filling the gap between websites like Pinterest, Polyvore, and The Coveteur, this app will allow users to create a more fluid, budget-savvy fashion community,” she said.

Daron Vaught is also tailoring his project to his passion – sports. He is planning on creating an interactive documentary for the web on the “Tobacco Road Rivalry” between the men’s basketball teams at Duke and North Carolina. “The website will contain a video player with added features, such as complementary videos, interviews, and infographics, to supplement the base content,” he said. “I have an interest in sports broadcasting, and given the duel’s mix of national and local appeal, it seemed like a perfect topic with a lot of potential.”


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