Wait, we have HOW many weeks left?

By Laura Smith, iMedia ’14

We had been hearing all first semester about how once we got back from our trips abroad, the weeks would fly by. Well, our professors and advisers weren’t kidding. I had the lucky opportunity to travel to Cuba with professor Randy Piland and seven other classmates for my January fly-in trip. Needless to say, it was an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. In addition to gathering content, interviewing, planning, taking photos and more in a real world setting, I learned a lot about the Cuban culture, government and its people. Not to mention it opened my eyes to just how good we have it here in the States.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 7.12.11 PM

Pre fly-in trip to Cuba!













January was a little bit like being back in my former career, except instead of working 7:30a.m. – 4:30p.m., it was more like 9-6. The three weeks we spent putting our fly-in projects together were probably the fastest three weeks of my life. We spent the days making videos, building a website, translating interviews, color correcting photos, planning the presentation, editing content and trying to keep our sanity. In the end, I was incredibly happy with our finished product and every group’s project looked great!

Presentation day!

Presentation day!

After a few days off over “Fake Break,” we came back to a whirlwind of “Your capstone starts NOW”, “Have you started the job search yet?”, “Read 100 pages of this book” and oh yeah, “Figure out where you want to live.” So yes, it’s been a little overwhelming. But as of this week, we have 13 weeks left in iMedia. Thirteen weeks. Doesn’t it feel like we just started? The next 3 months will undoubtedly be a little crazy but here it goes!


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