An Sneak Peak at the Spring Schedule

By Russell Varner, iMedia ’14

It is scary to think that we are already one-third of the way through the spring semester. Seriously, where did the time go?

Well, our time nowadays is taken up mostly by work either for class, our capstone projects or our personal portfolios. As you can imagine, it’s quite the busy time for everyone. Welcome to grad school, right?

Since I am not far enough in my capstone yet to share it, I thought I would give you a better idea of exactly what we are doing in our classes this semester. After taking more broad courses in the fall, Interactive Media is offering us more specialized courses in the spring. And as busy as we are, I am genuinely interested in and loving everything we are doing in these classes.

Media Management: Students are starting to learn about Google Analytics. At the end of the month, they will be taking a test to become Google Analytics-certified, which would look great on any resume.

Datamining and Visualization: Students are learning how to use Google Fusion to display data and are also beginning to brainstorm about our final projects. For these projects, students will have to display information in a variety ways including video, infographics and interactive websites. 

App Development: Students are currently learning about geolocation and how it applies to applications. Next up, they will learn about capturing videos and photos like on Instagram.

Public Opinion in New Media: Students here are going over media theories and new technologies and how they apply today – for example, how Facebook helped create a revolution in Tunisia. Students will also be writing a white paper on a topic of their choosing for this class.

SEO, Analytics and Social Media: Students are doing everything from learning the basics of search engine optimization and working with local companies to improve their SEO to keeping up with popular blogs on the subjects and writing blogs of our own. For a list of the blogs and links, click here.

Multimedia Story Telling: Students are taking a look at some of the more groundbreaking multimedia story pieces (such as The New York Times’ ‘Snow Fall’), learning how to use websites such as Zeega and Scroll Kit and planning their own multimedia story project for the class.


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