SEO, Social Media and Clients… Oh My!

By Jess Chambers, iMedia ’14

Among all the other projects iMedia ’14 is working on this semester, the SEO, Analytics and Social Media class has been given an exciting opportunity to work with real clients. For the past few weeks, my classmates and I have been meeting with different businesses in the area to help them develop plans to increase their SEO and social media.

This is the first semester for this class and was organized by Dr. Amanda Sturgill. “I was really happy to be able to connect some business partners with our iMedia students this semester,” wrote Sturgill. “For businesses with little experience with new media or tiny budgets, our students are able to use what they are learning in iMedia to offer real value in advising on strategies for using interactive media. For the students, the chance to work with messy, real-world issues is invaluable, since they will be doing that for the rest of their careers.”

Our time in the iMedia program is quickly coming to an end. Working with actual clients in class allows me to use the resources and connections within the program while still getting real world experience. Most importantly, it will standout in my portfolio.

My team is working with TyraTech, a biotech company located in Morrisville, N.C., who has developed a product against head lice that will be appearing on Wal-Mart shelves later this month. TyraTech is also launching an insect repellant that will be hitting the marketplace soon. As a marketer (and as a student), this is an exciting time to be involved with this company as they are starting to develop their social media plan and compete against more established brands.

It won’t be long until my classmates and I are entering the workforce. The situations and experiences we face with our clients now are what we will soon be dealing with daily. While the capstone seems to get all the glory, it taking advantage of all the opportunities we get in the iMedia program that really make it an amazing 10 months.

“Our client for this project is Kustom Koozies, a Raleigh-based koozie printing service that specializes in events such as weddings and birthdays. I’ll be working alongside Kara O’Halloran and Arielle Aurrichio to create a social media content plan for them. The three of us are really in an enviable position because the owner of Kustom Koozies, Bob Liddle, is incredibly eager to spread the brand’s message through social media. The main challenge that we’re currently trying to tackle is how to truly capture and communicate the experience of a Kustom Koozie customer in an authentic manner. That being said, the three of us are incredibly excited to begin leveraging the right social networks as well as the right messaging to help spread awareness of Kustom Koozies’ brand.” –Jessica Kingman on working with her client for the SEO, Analytics and Social Media class


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