Where has the time gone?

Eons ago (also known as the beginning of August) when I first met the rest of my iMediates at the student orientation, Professor Copeland had some words that continue to stick prominently in my head: This will be the fastest and slowest ten months of your life.

I remember tilting my head to the side and thinking to myself, “well that doesn’t make much sense. Doubt both of those are true.”

Fast forward to today. If you look at a calendar, you’ll notice that it is just over a month until graduation and I am left to wonder where on Earth all the time went. Copeland was a prophet in a way: these past nine months have indeed been the fastest and slowest that I can ever remember.

The opportunities iMedia has given me are incredible and numerous.

Let’s start with the speakers, where we have been able to listen to everyone from Lee Rainie, the director of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life project, to activist and former NFL punter Chris Kluwe (a discussion I was lucky enough to lead).

Chris Kluwe speaking with iMedia

Chris Kluwe speaking with iMedia

The class projects we have worked on have been great. I have been able to create a motion typography for one of my favorite movie speeches: for the American president at the end of Independence Day. I have created websites, both for computers and for mobile devices, for one of my favorite local bars/restaurants. I am currently working with Walkers Shortbread on their social media and SEO and trying to figure out the best ways they can improve those – which is something I’ve grown to love and hope to do on a full-time basis for a career some day soon.

I owe the program for one of the best and life-changing weeks of my life. As a part of iMedia’s Fly-In projects, I was able to spend seven days in Costa Rica, five of which were spent living with the Terraba tribe and learning the ways of their people (as well as being reminded just how fortunate people like me are).

Just enjoying waterfalls in Costa Rica. No big deal.

Just enjoying waterfalls in Costa Rica. No big deal.

Heck, I even owe iMedia for 90 percent of the items on my portfolio (shameless plug of it goes here), from the aforementioned Independence Day motion typography to a white paper on how colleges and universities should be teaching their student-athletes about social media and how to use it. I have also made several new connections in various industries, from public relations to digital content and everything in between.

Do I regret anything about the program? Absolutely not. I have grown both as a student, a new age storyteller and (as cliché as it may sound) as a person.

It really is amazing to think about how much all of us in the iMedia program have changed over the past nine months. Who knows what the next nine have to offer.


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