Full Circle

by maggie mullikin

Our sixth year in iMedia has begun. Our new blogging team met last week to collaborate and plan. As we discussed the coming year it made me so happy to hear that each student, who will be a contributing writer, had been reading our blog as part of their research as to whether they should join this year’s class. Writing about our graduates and where they have landed, following graduation, is a joy for me and one of the highlights of my job. One such student, I have previously written about, is Matthew Duncan. I spoke with Matt in 2013 and his career has taken him in new and exciting directions since then.

Matthew DuncanAfter graduating from North Carolina A&T State University with a degree in Graphic Design, Matt was looking for a master’s program where he could grow his skills in digital media, digital marketing, and user experience. Elon’s iMedia program allowed him to study and gain knowledge within all these disciplines.
After completing his degree at Elon, Matt immediately started working as a digital media intern for the political cable network C-SPAN. While interning he collaborated with the creative and technology departments to develop and implement strategies in the areas of online streaming and authentication.
Shortly after the internship concluded with C-SPAN, Matthew began working in the Communications Support Service Center inside NASA Headquarters, in Washington DC.
As a multimedia coordinator there he created apps, managed digital signage on kiosks, and was responsible for website updates. After a year and a half Matthew discovered working for the government was not for him.

When NBC Sports reached out to him for a web product specialist position in their product department he accepted the position and decided to chase his love and passion of sports. In the beginning of 2014 he relocated to Connecticut and started his new career.

While at NBC Sports Matthew was a coordinator between the editorial, creative, business development, marketing and technology teams to define and analyze success metrics for various web digital products and initiatives.

Matthew is a hot commodity. Not long after joining NBC, ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, reached out to him and offered him the job of associate product manager, which is where he is today.  However, on Friday October 24th he will be in the iMedia suite to speak with our current students about his opportunities and career choices. Full circle.




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