Shaping Up With Boot Camp

I’ve got my lunch bag packed, my shoes tied tight, I hope I get some sleep tonight!

The class of iMedia 2015

The class of iMedia 2015

iMedia 2015 has officially begun. Already we are immersing ourselves in reading, research, reading, blogging, coding, and did I mention reading? With just ten-months to master the realm of interactive media we’ve hit the ground running.

This year’s program consists of 32 students from many different backgrounds. Some students have come directly from their undergraduate studies in communications, a few students are focusing on forging a different career path, and all of us are looking to add new skills to our repertoire. To help prepare us for the iMedia program we completed a three-week boot camp in the beginning of August introducing us to the technology we’ll be using in the months to come.

My final photoshop project.  I can't wait to make this into a live website!

My final photoshop project. I can’t wait to make this into a live website!

Professor Phillip Motley served as our digital imaging guru. He instructed us in our crash course of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. Even students who has never worked with the programs before produced posters, website mockups, and animated typography videos.

In the second week, my group and I moved on to HTML and CSS with Professor Brian Walsh. Even with our heads spinning with new terms like border padding and div and floats we all managed to replicate a page from Elon’s website with code alone. Pretty impressive.

In my final week, I moved onto video editing with Professor Bryan Baker. Armed with a Canon 70D and tripod we set out to record campus is a series of still and moving shots. During the week we produced a one-minute marketing clip for Elon and a short ‘about me’ video to help introduce ourselves to our fellow classmates.

Final site for the Phoenix Scene Scouts

Final site for the Phoenix Scene Scouts

Boot camp finished with a group project. Over the course of one week our groups built a website and produced a video for a local organization, business product, or concept. It was amazing to view the final results and see how far everyone has come in their media skills.

Now we are back in the classroom and moving at full speed. I can’t wait to expand on the skills I’ve learned in boot camp and can’t imagine how much we all will have developed by the end of the semester.

Good luck to everyone!

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About Megan McGowan

Megan is a returned Peace Corps volunteer who spent two years in Kyrgyzstan. In her free time you can find Megan trying to replicate Pinterest-worthy recipes or planning her next adventure abroad. She is excited to expand her creative talents and enhance her knowledge of interactive media.

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