iMedia Provides Students with Marketable Workplace Skills

The iMedia program is in full swing and loaded with exciting, yet tedious projects. In just our third week of classes we are submitting art in the form of self portraits, coding an online resume and preparing resources for an upcoming research paper. Along with these projects, we are learning about different typefaces and much to our dismay, learning JavaScript. We are accepting the fact that our lives now consist of little or no down time. As soon as we finish one project, we must begin another one.

In all of this chaos, I am slowly starting to realize how far we have come since we all met each other a few weeks ago. Coming from many different backgrounds, we are now on our way to becoming competent in many different areas of multimedia. Many of us have already started thinking about our future after the program. We all wonder what jobs will come our way this time next year. None of us are sure what our future holds, except for all of the late nights spent working on projects.

The variety of different jobs that iMedia alumni currently have is staggering. This list is not just limited to a few job titles, but a wide range of titles from UX designer, multimedia coordinator to project manager. It seems as though we are being prepared to enter an exciting industry where every student will be able to find a job doing something we are passionate about. The iMedia program is teaching us how to become extremely marketable once we graduate. The extremely high rate of employment (92% within four months of graduation) from previous classes is a testament to this.

I decided to reach out to a few alumni to see how the iMedia program helped them market themselves to prospective employers. Carolyn Frazier, a Senior Project Manager at Smashing Boxes and an iMedia ’11 alum explained, “The [iMedia] program taught me enough to get started and then let me learn on my own in a structured way. I got to build a website for an actual client from the ground up – design, content planning, development, and even some video production.” These are many of the skills that our future employers will be looking for us to possess.

Carolyn also added, “That experience really prepared me for working in an agency setting after graduation.” This is a great testament to how the iMedia program can jumpstart an amazing career in the creative industry. I am extremely excited to see our skill set continue to grow over the next few months. Each of these skills we learn continue to lead us towards something great. We are setting ourselves up for multiple employment opportunities after graduation, and I cannot wait to see what future jobs we will hold.

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About brandonkfrye

Brandon is currently pursuing a Masters in Interactive Media at Elon University. He graduated in 2010 from NC State University with a B.S. in Technology Education. During his time at N.C. State, Brandon took multiple graphic communications classes that led to a passion for design. Since graduation, Brandon has been teaching at Phillips Middle School in Chapel Hill. His classes have focused on introducing 6th-8th grade students to both engineering and design principles. In addition, Brandon has also taught 3D game design at Youth Digital Studios, a summer camp for students between the ages of 8-14. He is looking forward to expanding his skill set in web design, graphic design and multimedia storytelling.

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