Fast Forward Fall

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve survived the first month of iMedia and I’m not sure I have the words to explain what the experience has been like so far. Here are some that come close: exciting, invigorating, exhausting, frustrating, eye opening, educational, mind-blowing, and so many more. I didn’t realize how much work could be done in one month. We’ve put together websites, designed alien typefaces, written literature reviews, redesigned remote controls, and started up the mountain that is JavaScript. Here’s a more in-depth look at what the fall has entailed so far.

Theory and Audience Analysis

Theory and Audience Analysis is the intellectual look at interactive communications. Students study books, articles, and videos related to interactive media and the shifting technological landscape. In class, students analyze the literature and offer their own opinions of the future of interactive communications.

This class also begins the capstone process. All of us chose a topic, related in some way to interactive communications, which interest us and developed a literature review over the seven weeks. The students review and analyze a body of research related to their topic and offer new outlooks into their respective fields.

Visual Aesthetics

alien typeface

Alien typeface designed by Maria Tran

It is too simple to call this a digital art class. We’ve gone far past creating good design and moved towards understanding how design works within a context to make the finished product great. We’ve studied how to integrate art, aesthetics, information, and design to create a seamless final product. Building on the skills we developed during bootcamp, we’ve worked on projects to help us advance our skills. Students have designed mash up fonts, created alien typefaces, produced a self-portrait, and currently students are working in pairs to create an info graphic.

Interactive Media Strategies

In Interactive Media Strategies, we study new media technologies and how they influence interface design, user experience, and production perspectives. We have been studying a wide variety of interfaces and exploring new technologies to understand how users interact with technology. We also read new literature related to changes in the field of interactive design. To show our understanding of the information we’ve completed in class critiques of existing media and created a redesign of a remote control based on our user analysis.

Producing Interactive Media

In this class, students learn how to work with the software and technologies needed to produce interactive media. We dived right into JavaScript, using online tutorials and in-class activities to get a baseline understanding of what JavaScript looks like and how it works. Now, we are moving in jQuery and animation to realize how this technology can be used within websites to move beyond static design. To cover a wider view of technologies, each week, students give a presentation on different software and technologies that are changing the media landscape.

Interactive Media and Design

Resume Project designed by Ashley Pugh

Resume Project designed by Ashley Pugh

Interactive Media and Design is web development and coding. This class takes a difficult subject matter and through in-class tutorials, at home assignments, and trial and error makes all of us into web designers. We have all come a long way in the past month. Two weeks ago, we turned in online resumes to introduce us to new layouts and to get us thinking about how to develop our personal brand. Right now, we are working our way through responsive designs and media queries making sure that we’re all going to be web design gurus.


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