Winter Fly-ins are approaching!

There is a constant buzz going around the second floor of the Powell building. Plans for Winter Fly-ins are starting to get underway. No one is really sure about any actual details or what to expect. Where will we go? Who will we go with? What project will we be working on? These are just a few of the plethora of questions that are going through the minds of students. For those of you that are not familiar with this amazing opportunity for iMedia students, let me explain.

iMedia sFly-In Interviewtudents Winter term consists of flying to an international destination to work on a project for the common good. Students are placed into teams that are sent to work with an organization or group that can benefit from our digital skills. We work with these groups to provide them with digital media such as audio, video, and web content. The majority of these projects focus on building community recognition, increasing volunteer efforts and boosting fundraising. Previous trips, just to name a few, have ventured to Costa Rica, Cuba, Iceland, and the Dominican Republic. If you look at past projects, like last years Finca La Esperanza or Restore Old Havana Initiative, you can see the power that interactive media can give to these causes.

Last week, we had to fill out a rating sheet for our iMedia skills. These skills will determine the groups that we are placed in to provide the best range of talents for each trip. This will also allow students to focus on their talents while also building new ones. Later this week, we will find out our group mates and where we will be going.

This years trips explore the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. One of these groups will be going to the DR. The intent will be to help a group of women who use natural resources and recycled materials to produce products. These products are culturally based and include things such as handbags. The main outcome for this group will be to build an online presence to sell their merchandise and teach the women basic computer skills to maintain and update the site.

I find this as a great way to help progress our talents in a real world scenario that benefits all that are involved. Wherever we are placed, I know that we will all be excited when January rolls around so we can get started on our assignments. The opportunity to use our skills in a beneficial way is something that that really made this program stand out to me. I’m glad that I will now get to be a part of it.

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About brandonkfrye

Brandon is currently pursuing a Masters in Interactive Media at Elon University. He graduated in 2010 from NC State University with a B.S. in Technology Education. During his time at N.C. State, Brandon took multiple graphic communications classes that led to a passion for design. Since graduation, Brandon has been teaching at Phillips Middle School in Chapel Hill. His classes have focused on introducing 6th-8th grade students to both engineering and design principles. In addition, Brandon has also taught 3D game design at Youth Digital Studios, a summer camp for students between the ages of 8-14. He is looking forward to expanding his skill set in web design, graphic design and multimedia storytelling.

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