Triple Threats

By Henry Kean – iMedia Class of 2014

The Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership held its Triple Impact Challenge this past Thursday, in which four teams of iMedia students entered and two placed.

The challenge requires teams with ideas that solve a social or environmental problem, or simply a business idea, to present their idea to a panel of judges. Teams must research the problem, and show that their solution is viable while explaining how they plan on executing it.

Four teams of iMedia students took the Triple Impact Challenge by storm.

Four teams of iMedia students took the Triple Impact Challenge by storm.

With experience in research, design, web development, and presenting, it is no wonder that the iMedia students did so well. The ideas ranged from an after school program that would empower kids and get them involved in solving social issues, to an application allowing teachers to share resources for free. After the pitches the judges asked questions about the research that went into the project and how the teams would plan to execute them.

Something that was really unique about the iMedia student teams was not only the ability to answer the questions with informed and educated responses, but also the skills that they had to execute their ideas. For the applications that were proposed the judges would always ask who would develop them, and the iMedia students would always stand a little taller as they responded “we would”.

While many of us may not know where we will be after graduation. This challenge reinforced that the skills we are learning in the iMedia program are indispensible. Being able to propose a business idea and say confidently that you are the graphic designer, developer, and came up with the idea on your own from conducting research is something that very few people have the ability to do. But in this program, that is the standard. That’s part of the reason it’s so difficult to know where to look for jobs. Not because we don’t know what we want to do, but because we can do it all and that makes narrowing your options down to a specific position that much more difficult.

The good news is, if trying to narrow your path down is too tough, being your own boss and starting your own company is always an option. And if the results of the Triple Impact Challenge are any indication, iMedia students should have no problems in that department.

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