An iMedia Way of Life

Just a few weeks in, it’s abundantly clear that graduate school is a process.

Monumental in itself, in many ways, the experience of Elon iMedia is comparable to some of life’s greatest milestones.

Consider this: by the time fall classes officially started at Elon on August 25, my classmates and I had already been birthed into this new world of interactive media.

Wide-eyed and eager, we spent our early days in an intensive, three-week digital boot camp. The crash course in photography and video production, coding and design swiftly set the pace and tone of this fully immersive program. Our initial development was measured by select creative projects, completed individually and as teams.

Elon iMedia's Class of 2016

Elon iMedia’s Class of 2016

Now, in our third week of classes, we forge ahead. Though still in our infancy in the program, our futures are starting to take shape. We’re getting a sense of the career paths we’ll take as we continue to develop our technical skills. Of course environment and support are critical in this stage. Lucky for us, we’re at Elon with resources and opportunities at every turn, from the amazing professors and staff in our department, to career services specific to our industry, and even social support with the tradition of College Coffee each week (yes, it’s awesome).

As we continue to grow, there will undoubtedly be challenges. Some we’re already beginning to see through research projects, learning programming languages or simply learning where our interests fit in.

But just as in life, there’s also a lot to look forward to. We’ll soon learn more about our fly-in projects for the winter term, we’ll continue to network with alums and other professionals who are doing amazing things in the industry and we’ll eventually showcase who we’ve become through creative capstone projects at the end of the program.

While our goals may evolve as we mature through the program, every component of iMedia is designed to give us exactly what we need to be successful. We’ve got many days and weeks ahead, but when it’s all said and done, I hope to one day look back, and say I lived my iMedia life to the fullest.


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