Here We Go Again

by maggie mullikin

As with most things in work and life we try our best to keep improving. As we begin our seventh iMedia year, and welcome the class of 2016, we have decided to invite our alumni back earlier in the calendar year. Over the years, our graduates have given advice on portfolios, the job search, résumés, interviews, and networking. So historically they have returned to campus in the early part of spring as students are beginning to look closer at career opportunities. However, some of the graduates’ most valuable advice turns out to be how to navigate the 10 months in iMedia. Mike Sales, Director, Design | NASCAR Digital Media, said it most acutely, “trust the process.” Work hard – stay focused – put your personal life on hold – listen to your professors – ask for help – go to class –  be on time – and learn from each other all come to mind as well, regarding sage advice, but trust the process resonated with me because I have seen this process work time and time again. Conor Britain, Interactive Designer at RED Interactive, a 2010 iMedia graduate, was here last month at the end of the digital media workshop and he spoke to the iMedia class prior to the beginning of core courses. He shared some professional experiences but, he too, came back to, making the most of iMedia while you can. “This is your sandbox time.” I love and appreciate that advice not only because Conor graduated from our inaugural class (and the more things change the more they do stay the same) but because it just makes so much sense. What it said to me was, time will fly – share – be where you are – enjoy – get your hands dirty – play with all the toys and make the most of your time while you are here because you can never get it back.

What we can and do get back every year is the support of our strong alumni network. So, here we go again….



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