2016 Fly-In Destinations Announced!

One of the first things we learn in iMedia is that, for the first couple months of school, professors are serious about keeping our fly-in destinations a secret. Yesterday was an exciting day for all of us, because we finally learned about the 2016 destinations! While we still don’t know exactly where each of us will be traveling in January, we know that we’ll be going on one of the following exciting trips for 7-10 days:

  • Professor Nicole Triche, along with Maggie Mullikin, will be taking a group of students to Belize‘s second-largest city, San Ignacio. Students will be working to develop multimedia content for “Cornerstone Foundation Belize“, a local non-profit.
  • Dr. David Copeland’s group will be traveling to the mountains of Costa Rica, where they will live with the indigenous Boruca people, helping them gain web-presence so that Boruca artisans may sell their handmade goods and support their community.
  • Dr. Derek Lackaff will be taking a group to Inverin, an Irish-speaking village on the West coast of Ireland. Students will be helping to create a web-presence for a local program striving to preserve the indigenous Irish language.
  • Professor Phillip Motley’s group will be traveling to the Dominican Republic. Though the exact location has not yet been decided, an invaluable, life-changing experience is surely in order for all.
  • Professor Randy Piland will be taking a group of students to Guatemala. The exact location and project have also not yet been decided, but several potential options have been identified.

On October 6, we will be assigned to our teams following a “drafting” process. Each of us will be given a job duty to perform, utilizing the wealth of skills we’ve already developed in our short time as iMedia students.

Stay tuned for more information about 2016 Fly-Ins!


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